Young people's mental health

No child should have to reach crisis point to get help with their mental health.
We work with the most vulnerable children and young people to make sure they have the mental health support they need

Supporting young people's mental health

The mental health of thousands of children and young people is reaching crisis point. Teenagers especially are turning to self-harm or suicide in increasing numbers. But the true scale of the crisis is unknown with so many who show signs of going through trauma unnoticed.

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Support is woefully inadequate with too many children and young people suffering alone and in silence. We see the most vulnerable young people in our services being put in danger as they are forced to wait for the help to cope with their trauma.

We want to make sure teenagers who have been subjected to sexual exploitation, trafficking or who have run away from abuse feel like they have somewhere to turn, and we fight to get them the mental health support they need.

We want more mental health support across the country that is easy to access and to offer more therapeutic services.

We are calling on the Government to provide mental health support in all schools so that every child has someone to talk to as soon as they need. Children and young people cannot wait any longer.

Understanding the signs and reducing the stigma of mental illness

The more we talk about mental health, the more we can understand how the issues around it affects us and those around us.

Sadly there is still a stigma around mental health – and it is still not treated with the same parity as physical health, despite it being just as important. It is vital that, both as organisations, individuals and as a wider community, we do all we can to end the stigma of mental illness.

How we help young people with mental health problems

Huge numbers of children and young people in England are experiencing emotional and mental health problems, but support is woefully inadequate.

We are fighting to get children and young people the help they need through our innovative frontline services, ground-breaking research and campaigning.

Our services offering mental health support

We run services across the country for young people who are desperately in need of mental health support.

Our services, run by our staff and volunteers, include therapeutic support, befriending, counselling or advice.


Advice and support for children and young people experiencing mental health problems

We want young people to get the advice they need, when they need it.

Our new mental health website features a resource vault for young people to help them find out more about the mental or emotional health issues they may be worried about. 

The Good Childhood Report: research into children’s well-being

Only by listening to children and young people, can we understand and take action on the issues that affect them. That's why each year we produce our well-being report - the most comprehensive research of its kind.

This year's research found that almost a quarter of a million young people are unhappy with their lives. Children have been telling us loud and clear about the issues they face but not enough people have been listening to them.  We need to demand those in power listen to what young people are saying so they can change things for the next decade.