Posted: 20 October 2016

How Southbank Centre is bringing the hidden lives of young carers into the spotlight

We are excited and proud that Hidden, a ground-breaking exhibition of photographs of young carers, is featuring at this year’s WHY? What’s Happening for the Young festival at Southbank Centre, as part of Southbank Centre’s festival celebrating children’s rights.

Where: Royal Festival Hall, Level 2 (Foyer Spaces)
When: 19-23 October
Cost: FREE

Southbank Centre is hosting Hidden for the five-day festival, so that visitors can better understand the hidden lives of young carers.

The compelling portrait exhibition captures the lives of thousands of young carers as young as seven, up and down the country.

Young carers’ stories in Hidden

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the photographs and stories which are  featured in Hidden:

Robert, 14, from Surrey

Robert a young carer

'Dad has Huntington's disease. This damages some of the nerve cells in the brain and affects his memory, decision-making and personality. There is no cure, it will just get worse over time. It's difficult to think of the choices I have to make that non-carers don't face. I get up at 5.15am to go and practise my skating at the local rink. It takes my mind off of everything.'

Klarice, 10, from Salford

Klarice a young carer

'It’s good because when we meet other families with angels – that’s what we call children with Angleman syndrome – I know what to do and how to talk to them, with sign. I had to move from my last school because they were calling me horrible names because of my brother. I’ve got an extra special person in my life and I’ve been give him because I can love him.'

Hidden’s journey so far

Award-winning photographer and former young carer Max Alexander worked with us to capture the resilience, determination and aspiration of 24 children and teens who care for a loved one.

Hidden debuted at Oxo gallery in London in 2015 and has been touring throughout England this year. The exhibition is returning to the South Bank for the festival WHY? What’s Happening for the Young at Royal Festival Hall, where it will raise more awareness about young carers.

The exhibition features and is supported by celebrities including Jo Whiley, Jade Ewen and Richard McCourt. Read Jo Whiley's and Jade Ewen's stories. 

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