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It's often difficult juggling all your schoolwork and your caring responsibilities. If this is the case, it's good to ask for help. There is plenty of support out there.


education for young carers

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If you are struggling to keep up with your homework at school, you should ask to join your school club for extra help. You can also visit our projects page‌ to find out if there is a young carers homework club near you.

Some sites for homework, coursework and revision help:

  • Grid Club: contains an up-to-the-minute news section and a library offering help with homework as well as puzzles and quizzes
  • BBC Bitesize: help with revision for GCSEs and other exams
  • Encyclopædia Britannica: online information on a variety of topics and subjects

if a young carer needs help at school

What if I need help at school?

If you need help, talk to your school, including teachers, staff or a counsellor, and let them know what is happening at home. You could also ask your parents& o talk to the school and ask them for help with your schoolwork and deadlines.

Tell them about the Young Carers in Schools Programme so they can put the right support in place for you and other young carers. Schools should help you reach your potential, no matter what you are facing.

'I just can't keep up at school' 'I just can't keep up at school'

What if I can't go to school?

If you feel you can't leave a person who is ill then you should talk to your GP or another adult you trust. They should be able to help so that you can go to school. It may be that the person you look after could get more help from the local council.

I'm being bullied

If you feel you are being bullied at school you should: