The Children’s Society first introduced Christingle to The Church of England in 1968.

Christingle has since become one of the most popular events in the church calendar for families and communities.

a child smiles as he is given a Christingle by a woman

Although each church and school celebrate their Christingle in their own way, the spirit of remains the same: children have fun making their Christingles while learning what each element represents and means to Christians.

After Christingles have been made, services and celebrations involving the local community take place that usually include songs, prayers and performances. The highlight of all the events is the lighting of the Christingle candles, which is loved by children and adults alike.

Christingle celebrations include songs, prayers, performances and a collection in aid of The Children’s Society which helps us continue our work with disadvantaged children. Universal to all celebrations is the lighting of the Christingle candles, loved by children and adults alike.

'It is one of the only services where four generations of the same family come to worship together. Amazing!'
  -Margaret, Christingle organiser

Each Christingle helps children in poverty

The impact made by Christingle services is incredibly valuable. The money you raise during the collections really do make a difference to children’s lives.  

For example:

  • £100 could help to educate poorer families about good health and nutrition, leading to significant improvements in the well-being of disadvantaged children.
  • £250 could help The Children’s Society provide affordable childcare that would allow more parents to work, increasing household income.
  • £500 could help families move out of poverty and prevent children from going hungry.

The message of love and hope that Christingle represents permeates through all of the work of The Children’s Society. We believe that every child should have the childhood they deserve. By joining in the Christingle celebrations and donating through your local event, you will be helping to transform the lives of children in desperate need of our support.

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To find out more about Christingle watch our video - you can also find out how to download the video - and share it with your church or school.

The meaning of Christingle

As explained below, each part of the Christingle is symbolic. To learn how to make your own Christingle, see our step by step guide to making a Christingle.

The orange

an orange

The orange represents the world

The red ribbon

an orange with a red ribbon around it

The red ribbon indicates the love and blood of Christ.

The dried fruits and sweets

an orange with a red ribbon and four small skewers of dried fruit and sweets

The dried fruits and sweets are symbols of God’s creations. For many people, they also represent the four seasons.

The lit candle

A Christingle

The lit candle symbolises Jesus, the light of the world, who brings hope to people living in darkness.

Download our step by step guide to making a Christingle.