Strengthening the safety net

For some families, a broken boiler or an unexpectedly big electricity bill can send their finances into a tailspin. From impossible repayments, to hunger and even homelessness, many families can struggle to overcome these obstacles and regain hope. That's why we're calling on councils to make sure families have access to emergency support in a crisis.

About this campaign

We all want to feel that, if something unexpected happens to our income, we can get the support we need to keep our children healthy and happy. This support, no matter where it comes from, provides a safety net when the worst happens. It could be assistance from friends, family or emergency help from local councils.

facts and figures

1 in 7

councils don't have a crisis support scheme


is the amount of funding needed to provide emergency support to families across the UK


is the amount of funding we've secured for councils through campaigning so far

strengthening the safety net

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Years of government cuts and the impact of Covid-19 has meant most councils can no longer provide emergency support.

As a result, people are increasingly turning to food banks and other voluntary services to keep them going, but they can’t keep up with the demand, and they don't cover the cost of school shoes, heating or rent.

Councils need more funding so they can provide better emergency support to families in crisis. So they don't have to choose between paying the electricity bill and feeding their child.

Help us fix the safety net.

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Sign our petition demanding the Government properly fund local crisis support. So councils can help families keep their children healthy and happy.