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Helping families in crisis get the money they need

For some families a broken boiler or a large bill can be a disaster. When people have nowhere to turn, unexpected events can lead to mounting debt, poverty and even homelessness. 

Council-run emergency support provides a local safety net to families who reach crisis point. But with no long-term plans for funding, councils are unable to make provisions to help the families that need it most.

About this campaign

Since March 2020, thanks to our supporters, we have helped to secure nearly £1bn in funding - helping families in crisis keep the bills paid, heating on and food on the table. But these funds come with a deadline.

Councils must use this funding by next Spring and there are currently no Government plans for long-term support. This is the fourth short-term extension this year.

This funding is welcome but it doesn't tell the full story.

Facts and figures

11.4 million

people in England live in an area with no crisis support


is how much funding has decreased by over the last ten years

£250 million

is needed annually to fund long-term crisis support

strengthening the safety net video

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Councils face unprecedented pressure in the wake of the pandemic. Without proper funding and guidance, they are unable to allocate funds to where they are needed most. Many schemes are at risk of closing, further weakening the safety net for families in crisis. 

As more and more families are being forced to make tough choices, we need to call on the Government to provide long-term support. 

No parent should have to choose between feeding their child and paying the electricity bill.

What you can do now

We’ve handed in our petition calling on the government to better support families in crisis but you can still sign up to find out what actions you can take to change children's lives.

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