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Improving young people's well-being

Young people's well-being has taken a hit during the pandemic. It's isolated them from friends, disrupted their education and left many fighting for hope.

This needs to change. The Government must take ownership of this crisis and make children's well-being their priority.

About this campaign

Even before the pandemic, our Good Childhood report showed teenagers in the UK were among the unhappiest in Europe. They’re under constant pressure at school, worried about jobs, unsure what the future looks like. Young people's well-being was at its lowest for ten years.

We can't let this decade be like the last. It's time to fight back.

Facts and figures about improving young people's well-being

1 in 5

young people have low well-being


European countries score higher than the UK for young people's life satisfaction

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Children need to have a say in what happens to our world   Children need to have a say in what happens to our world 

Join the fight back

Children have missed out on more than just time in the classroom during lockdown. Their well-being has taken a big hit.

We need to make sure the Government acknowledges the true impact of the pandemic on young people. They must put children's well-being at the heart of their education recovery plans.

All children deserve to thrive. It's time to fight back for their futures.

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Take action

Fight for children's futures. Call on the Government to prioritise children's well-being as part of their recovery plans.