Improving young people's well-being

Modern life has been chipping away at children’s happiness over time and young people’s well-being in the UK is at its lowest for a decade. 

This needs to change. Help us reverse this decline in young people's well-being.

About this campaign

Even before the pandemic, our Good Childhood report showed teenagers in the UK were among the unhappiest in Europe. They’re under constant pressure at school, worried about jobs, unsure what the future looks like. Many felt their life didn’t have a sense of purpose.

Facts and figures about improving young people's well-being

1 in 5

young people have low well-being


European countries score higher than the UK for young people's life satisfaction

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Children need to have a say in what happens to our world   Children need to have a say in what happens to our world 

Let's hit restart

We have a chance to hit restart and kickstart a decade of renewal for young people. By putting their voices at the front of our national recovery, we can build a society that works for all children.

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We need to listen to young people. They’re telling us what needs to change but those in power aren’t listening.

Join us as we call on Government to put children’s well-being at the heart of our national recovery.