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Help us improve children's well-being

Children's well-being has been getting worse for over a decade. Even before the pandemic, increasing numbers of young people were unhappy with their lives.

This must change. We need a brighter future for all children. The Government must make children's well-being a priority.

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About our well-being campaign

Our Good Childhood report shows that thousands of teenagers in the UK are unhappy with their lives. Their well-being is at its lowest for over a decade. In particular, school was one of the biggest causes of unhappiness in children. School should be a place to learn, have fun, look forward to. This isn't good enough.

Facts and figures about improving young people's well-being


10-15 years olds in the UK are unhappy with their lives

1 in 8

children are unhappy with their school lives


The Government need to take responsibility. That's why we're calling on the Department of Education to follow through on their pledge to prioritise children's well-being. For children to thrive, the Government need to look beyond exam results and give them the support they deserve.

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to be a brighter
There is going to be a brighter future