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Children to the rescue

This year has turned children's lives upside down. They've never been so isolated or cut off from their usual routines. However, this didn't stop some young people going the extra mile for others. Here are some positive stories from lockdown to keep us hopeful.

Happy World Kindness Day! 


Samuella's story

Young girl holding her letter

Samuella’s lockdown letter

Samuella, a year six student with a passion for writing, decided to write a letter of support to elderly people to help lift their spirits.

'I wrote this letter because I knew that there are some people out there who don’t have anybody at all. They have nobody to turn to. This led me to ask myself what I can do to make someone feel happy.'

She wants this letter to show that it doesn't matter how young you are, you can make a positive difference to other people's lives. Whether a stranger or a loved one, spreading kindness and happiness is her passion.

We should all be a little bit more 'Samuella'!

Samuella quote

Keep on being you! You are special and you are phenomenal! Don’t give up!

Sarah's story

Sarah's survey

After several months of lockdown, Sarah, a year six student, carried out  a survey into how other young people were feeling. A staggering 162 students took part.

She found that over 70% of the students were concerned about themselves, a family member or a friend getting ill. Also, nearly half said that they were doing very little exercise each day since lockdown.

Sarah looks at the camera smiling

Sarah's career in campaigning

Sarah hopes the government will listen to the voices of young people so they can make positive changes for children. A career in campaigning awaits! 

I urge everyone to consider students’ views when making important decisions

Ivey on the treadmill

Young girl holds out her arms smiling

Ivey's extra mile

Covid-19 wasn't going to stop six-year-old Ivey going the extra mile to help those most in need.

After watching the news and seeing that food was running short and hospitals were struggling, Ivey was determined to raise money for charity.

Her mum set up a treadmill in the house and, even though Ivey usually hates walking, she completed a 30-minute walk to raise money for us. Her very first fundraiser!

Ivey has since raised over two hundred pounds and has been training for ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes in the afternoon. She wants to continue raising money for as long as this crisis continues.

See you at the London Marathon in a few years, Ivey. Hopefully you'll have on our colours!