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Hope within the homeschooling

It's been a tough year for many families. We have heard the challenges and worries faced by those most hit by lockdown. But parents and children are still finding ways to stay happy and hopeful. 

We ran a survey to find out how families are coping. Here is what you need to know.


lockdown family facts


of parents said their children keep them hopeful


of parents said the pandemic had brought them closer as a family

Parents poll

Despite the pressures of home-schooling and keeping the children entertained, a lot of parents said it was their children who kept them hopeful. And many felt that the pandemic had actually brought the family closer.

Focus on the positives and how lucky we are to be together, healthy.

At the same time, parents were also worried about their children's mental health. Unemployment is on the increase and financial problems can be hugely stressful for parents and their children.

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of parents said their children’s mental health most concerned them


of parents worried about their children’s future

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mother and two children colouring

It's the simple things

Mother of two, Nicole, told us ‘the hardest part has been losing a lot of the support structures we relied on, from grandparents to babysitters to after school activities.’ 

However, she also explained that lockdown has brought the family closer together. ‘It's been great to see how close our two girls have gotten. They play really well together, although they fight too!

Kids are also amazing about finding joy in really simple things, like baking a cake or learning to ride a bike. Or even sorting laundry! 

staying positive

Find joy in small things.

the risks

Keeping hope alive

Of course, the pandemic impacts us all in different ways. Many families will have been plunged into poverty, cut off from the support they desperately need. It might be harder to stay hopeful. But it's important to try. 

Many young people will be more at risk now than ever before. Spending more time online, worrying about family finances, not having safe places to hang out - these could all put them at greater risk of abuse and exploitation.

We must continue to talk and listen to young people, be there when they need it most.

Family on laptop

Hope matters

It's more important than ever to hold onto the things that keep us positive, and do what we can to keep young people hopeful. 

Children have a good sense of when their parents are stressed and will take on the family's worries.  This can have an impact how they see their future. They may feel they need to downgrade their dreams based on the current situation.

We can't let this happen. We must continue to fight for their hopes, happiness and well-being.