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Asking for help

We know it isn't easy to ask for help. You may be nervous about opening up about how you're feeling. Here are some tips from our wellbeing drop-in, BEAM.

Just ask

Asking for help

Breathe and relax

Don't put pressure on yourself to ask for help. You can do it whenever you feel ready. Visiting a wellbeing drop-in or mental health service is a great step, just breathe and open up in your own time.

Write it down

Sometimes, it’s difficult to put it in to words when you need some help with how you’re feeling. Writing down the things you want to say and bringing it with you can be a great way to help you talk through anything that’s on your mind.


Talk about it

If you think you need help, then it's often good to discuss with your friends or family. Many may have been through the same thing. Don't keep it bottled up.

Talking to someone, however small or big the problem is, can help you see things from a different angle. You might find a way to get through it. 

I feel good after talking and it did help a lot I feel good after talking and it did help a lot