National Christingle Service

This very special National Christingle service, in partnership with the Church of England, brings us together to transform the hopes and happiness of young people who need it most. 

For those whose lives are threatened by abuse, exploitation and neglect, hope is hanging by a thread, It's never been more important to spread the light of Christingle and fight for young people's hope.

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Write an uplifting message below for a child in need of support, to let them know you care. Your words will provide a glimmer of hope for young people facing the toughest challenges.

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We’ll be sharing some of the messages we receive on our website, social media or directly with the young people we support. If you’d like it to remain anonymous, please tick this box.
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Words of hope

Christingle National Service

National Christingle

lighting a Christingle

Shining the light

We restore, protect and strengthen young people’s hope. Because hope matters, especially for those who have it toughest of all. 

For over 50 years, donations from Christingle services have helped thousands of children in this country get the care and support they so urgently need.

Thanks to the kindness of people like you, more children and young people will have light in their lives and feel hopeful about the future.

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When the hopes of our children are threatened by abuse, exploitation and neglect, your help can give them the specialist support they need.

Your donations will help guide them to a brighter future. They'll realise their dreams, overcome obstacles and grow into the person they want to be.

support us in your church

Support us in your church

Churches are so important in helping us give hope to young people who need it most. Through fundraising, campaigning, awareness-raising and prayer, you are helping improve the lives of children who grow up in poverty, get abused or neglected, or struggle with mental health.

Find out more about how your church can bring hope to children and young people and sign up to our monthly prayer email to receive prayers every month that support our work.

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