Crisis support: Evidence to Work and Pensions Committee's Welfare Safety Net inquiry

Joint submission from the The Children’s Society and the Church of England’s Mission and Public Affairs Council to the Work and Pensions Select Committee's Welfare Safety Net inquiry. This draws on findings from “Not Making Ends Meet”, our joint research project into the adequacy of crisis support provision in England. It covers why some households are falling into poverty and deprivation, why our welfare safety net is not working well enough to prevent people falling into deprivation and how it could be improved.

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Tom Sefton, Sam Royston, Iain Porter
Policy and lobbying
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Not making ends meet

Faltering and threadbare local authority crisis support schemes mean more and more people in crisis have to turn to foodbanks and other charities for help.

When families are fleeing domestic violence or seriously ill they desperately need immediate emergency funds if they’re struggling to pay for basics. In areas where getting emergency funds in a financial crisis is now almost impossible, it’s local charities who treat families with compassion and help them get back on their feet.

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May 2018
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