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Our research investigates the issues affecting children, providing a broader perspective on what children want and need.

We regularly carry out research to learn more about the issues affecting children and to gain a broader perspective on how they interact and relate to their peers and families.

Through our specialist research we strive to position ourselves as the leading authority on matters affecting children, providing solid evidence to achieve this and influencing public policy where it's needed.

Our team of researchers also offer children and young people the opportunity to be active participants in our research wherever possible.

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Our research team

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Research areas

Our research team specialises in areas including children and family relationships, children at risk on the streets and children's well-being.

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We launched our well-being work in 2005 to fill a gap in research regarding young people's views of well-being

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Understanding adolescent neglect

We are conducting a comprehensive programme of research in order to begin to redress the neglect of adolescent neglect

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Well-being consultations

Our combination of survey, follow-up and feedback gathers local data, and gives children a voice in obtaining a better understanding of their lives.

Good Childhood Report

For years we have been asking thousands of children how they think their lives are going, what makes them happy and what makes them worry.

We worked with 11,513 children and young people last year, while our policy changes will improve the lives of more than half a million children.