Preventing child exploitation and building resilience through diversionary activities

Two young teen boys playing basketball

Across the country, tens of thousands of children and young people are at risk of being exploited or exposed to criminal activity

Individuals and gangs are threatening, grooming and forcing children and young people to work, have sex or traffic drugs. Any child from any background can be exploited.

We have been chosen to partner with the West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner to stop children from being drawn into ‘county lines’ and other forms of exploitation. Using diversionary activities, we will improve the lives of the most vulnerable children and young people in society.

Who is Climb for?

As part of the Commissioner’s West Mercia Diversionary Network, we will deliver an Early Intervention and Prevention service for 10 to 17 year olds. 

What support does the service provide?

The service will incorporate sports, dance, arts and music, and work with young people who are missing school or college, starting to be reported as missing, or at risk of being drawn into criminal activity.

The trauma children experience in their early life can greatly increase the risk of them being exploited or being forced to commit crime. This new service aims to draw young people away from criminals and into sports and other activities that will enrich their lives.

We will build young people’s resilience to reduce the risk of them being exposed to criminality, and work to raise awareness around the impact of adverse childhood experiences – so young people are seen as victims of their life circumstance rather than as perpetrators of crime.

This transformative service is the first of its kind and will help children to find new passions, form healthy friendships and learn how to recognise people and situations that might put them at risk.

Working with schools, police, social care, activity providers and many other groups across the region, together we will build safer communities for children and young people.

How to access Climb

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