Many children who are looked after in care or who are in the child protection system are not consulted about matters affecting their lives. Choices are made for them, often without their consent.

We provide these children with independent advocates and are developing advocacy and participation practices across all areas of work to ensure that more children have a say in important decisions that are made about their lives.

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CheckPoint Torbay Children's Rights

Children's Rights in Torbay works with children and young people, ensuring their opinions and experiences influence services in the area.

Black Country Advocacy

Black Country Advocacy Service

Black Country Advocacy Service provides services to children and young people who are in care, leaving care or who have a social worker.

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The Children's Society in Cheshire

We provide Advocacy and Independent Visitor Services for children and young people in Cheshire east and Mental Health and Well-being services across Cheshire

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Tower Hamlets Children's Rights Advocacy Service

Our advocates support looked after children and care leavers to have their voices heard and includes a disability advocacy service.