We are commited to transforming the lives of the most vulnerable children and young people in the North of England where we have worked since 1889

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By combining our local knowledge of the region with the influence and strength of a national organisation we believe we can keep young people safe and supported in the complex issues that they face.

We do this through:

  • understanding local need
  • building on the strengths and expertise of our organisation
  • working in collaboration with our partners in the area, which include local authorities, the police, health authorities and churches
  • mobilising the commitment of our staff, volunteers and supporters.

You will find us working in many parts of the North and our activities here include:

  • delivering services to children, young people and families
  • campaigning for change and lobbying decision-makers
  • running shops that provide vital funds for our work
  • fundraising through our brilliant committees, groups and supporters.

Services for young people

In the North of England we deliver services in Greater Manchester and parts of Lancashire, Cheshire, Yorkshire and the North East. Our services focus on supporting 10 to 18 year olds who are especially vulnerable and often in situations where they are experiencing severe and multiple disadvantage. We constantly monitor and evaluate our impact on the lives of these young people and despite the challenges of our work, we are able to demonstrate that we consistently deliver positive outcomes for them. Through our direct services we learn more about the complexity of the issues that affect children and young people and this learning influences our campaigning and policy work nationally and locally.

By strategically focusing our work on the most pressing areas of need in this way, we have built up a high level of knowledge and expertise in these fields.  The services we deliver in the North of England are as follows:

Greater Manchester:



North East:  

Find our services

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Our Missing from Home services support young people who are at risk of running away or have gone missing in the past. We offer intensive one-to-one support and advice, drop-in services and advocacy. We also deliver return home interviews (RHI) which help us understand the reasons children go missing and the help they need.  We give independent, confidential help and run group work and training for both young people and professionals.

We offer confidential and independent support and advice for children and young people who are experiencing, or at risk of, sexual exploitation. We also work in schools and other settings to deliver awareness raising sessions.

One in ten young people experience a mental health problem, yet too often their  problems are ignored and their voices unheard. We provide young people with one-to-one and group counselling with qualified, experienced counsellors. Some of our services are for young people affected by domestic or sexual abuse and we have early intervention and support services for families.

We advocate on behalf of young people including those in care and care leavers. We do this by providing one-to-one support and group work, as well as matching young people to independent visitors and advocates who ensure that children have a say in the decisions made about their lives.

War, persecution and torture force many children to flee to this country. We help these children find accommodation, overcome language barriers and, most importantly, to rebuild their lives in new communities, surrounded and supported by friends. Our range of services include advocacy; mentoring; practical, emotional and skills based support; social activities; training for professionals.

How you can help our work

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Through the delivery of our direct services we learn more about the complexity of the issues that affect children and young people. This learning influences our campaigning and policy work both nationally and locally. Our campaigns encourage our supporters to join us in lobbying decision-makers and demanding the change that vulnerable children need.

In the North of England we support our national campaigns and run local ones as well. Read more about our campaign in Greater Manchester Handle with Care which focused on children in care who were being placed far from home and led to the 10 local authorities in Greater Manchester signing our charter committing to providing these young people with the support they need.

Fundraising and donating

Our local fundraising team works with our brilliant groups, committees, supporters and other partners to raise the money which is so vital to our work. There are many ways you can help, such as by donating and shopping at one of our high street shops, volunteering (more on this below), running a marathon, or organising or supporting one of our other fundraising events.

Please get in touch to support our work, or make a donation today.

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We have a large group of committed people who volunteer their time to support our work.

Examples of volunteering opportunities include:

  • befriending a young person in care by becoming an Independent Visitor at one of our children’s rights services
  • helping out in one of our shops
  • organising a fundraising event

Find out more about volunteering.

Commission us and partner with us

Many local authorities and other organisations have chosen us to help them deliver their services.

We know that many areas are seeking new and innovative ways of addressing local needs and of empowering local communities to participate in finding solutions.  We are committed to engaging with commissioners so that together we can bring about positive change in people’s lives and empower them in the process. We bring to the table a wide portfolio of expertise and a well-established infrastructure that enables us to respond flexibly to need.

If you want to know more about how we can support you in delivering services please contact:

Rob Dickinson - Business Development Lead, North of England 


Additional information

Read our North of England Impact Report for 2015/16

Read about our work in Greater Manchester

Contact us

The Children's Society in the North of England

Area Director: Rob Jackson 

t: 0161 763 2170

e: northofengland@childrenssociety.org.uk