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A young person’s painting for change

Creative expression helps young people articulate their thoughts and feelings. This can take many different forms, including art, poetry or music. Helya created a beautiful painting to represent the need for change in society and to empower young people to be the leaders in that. Here she shared with us how she discovered her passion for painting and the meaning behind her artwork.



A young teenager in a grey sweater paints some flowers on paper

Natural talent 

“It was in Primary school when I first realised I enjoyed and was good at art. I took part in a painting competition. The theme was about a garden with cherry blossoms. I won the painting competition and my painting was installed on the wall.”

I love painting because this is where I can express my ideas and thoughts to others.

Art to change lives

“In my opinion, the language of art is the best, most beautiful and tangible language to express feelings, dreams and aspirations to the real world and the future world. I feel like artists always thought ahead of the knowledge of their time and through art they contributed a great deal to the culture and civilization of humanity.” 

Meaning behind the painting 

“With this painting, I tried to push my artistic and emotional thoughts and imaginations even harder. I wanted to express hope and resistance against hardships, pains, and failures in life.  

The message of this painting is that every hardship brings with it a great success.

Helya's GCR painting

Helya's GCR painting

Young people

“In my opinion, young people are the future of this kind and beautiful planet. They should make themselves more aware and stronger so that they can take care and protect the earth and nature well.”  

“I chose a butterfly for this in the painting, because the butterfly is a symbol of change, growth and progress, and it is a symbol of great and fundamental change and transformation in life. The flight of butterflies towards light means going towards a better and beautiful future.” 

Brighter future

I believe in a bright and successful future. I believe in a bright and successful future.

Motivating others

“The message I want to portray for the viewer, especially teenagers and young people, is that they should start to innovate and create new thinking in their society and around them and not be afraid of change and transformation in their lives."

“Great successes and achievements are the result of great changes and transformations in life.” 


Author: Edward Herbert

Boy looking out of window, side profile.

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