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Top five gifts for children in our services

Christmas is almost here. The tree is up, you’ve argued about baubles, and your in-law escape plan is watertight. If you’ve sorted all your presents as well, then hats off. You deserve a tiny paper crown. There’s one more thing though. Have you seen our top five alternative gift ideas for children?  


Top alternative gifts for young people

These are gifts we get young people in our services. You pick the type of present and we deliver it to a young person who otherwise might not get anything this Christmas. Here are the top reviewed gifts, and there’s still a chance to snap them up! 

number one gift a club membership

boy fishing back to camera

Annual club membership, £120

This membership offers a safe place away from the dangers of modern childhood. Young people can learn new skills and become part of a caring community.


Ethan: ‘I had a great weekend with all of the fishing stuff that you bought me! Everyone has welcomed me at the lake, and I enjoyed taking photos.'

Buy a club membership for a young person

About Ethan

Ethan was moved from foster care to semi-independent accommodation before he was fully ready for the change. Where he lives now, he is at risk of criminal exploitation. The lake is a place he can escape to, it is part of his identity. He has built his confidence and, alongside college, secured a job at a local garage on Fridays. 

Art boxes

Art boxes, £10

number two art boxes

birds eye view of art supplies on a table

art boxes

This could include paints, brushes, pens, clay, and art books. We tailor the packages for young people. It helps them cope with unwanted emotions and mental health difficulties. 


David: ‘I feel like when I’m painting, I’m chucking what I see in my head onto the piece of paper.'

David uses art to deal with anger and stress. It helps him open up about how he is feeling. His project worker says, ‘he now has dreams and a focus.’ David finds art calming and comments ‘I love giving it to people and seeing the joy and how it affects people.’ 

Buy an arts and crafts set for a young person

number three mindfulness boxes

girl blowing bubbles

Mindfulness boxes, £20

Our mindfulness resources are tailored to the young person but might include aroma playdough, colouring books, diaries, lava lamps – whatever helps them find a bit of calm.  


Nicky: 'thank you'

On the day she received her box, Nicky was planning to run away and self-harm. Instead, she sat down and started to use the playdough and puppet toys. The boxes have helped Nicky and her worker build a relationship and find alternatives to self-harm. 

Buy mindfulness resources for a young person

Time out tickets

Time out tickets, £15

number four leisure activities for young people

boy looking at exhibit in museum

time out tickets for young people

For young people who rarely get time to themselves, maybe they’re a full-time carer, tickets to the cinema or a museum can offer an escape from everyday pressures. We tailor the activity based on the young person.  

It is a joy to be able to personally choose gifts tailored to the young person and we would not be able to do this if it were not for your kind donations.

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number five books

girl holding book up to mouth covering her laughter

Books, £10

Books can be a portal to different worlds, a chance to escape life when it gets too much. They help young people relax and open their minds to new possibilities.  

Speaking about a young person in care, our practitioner says, ‘I know this set of books will help this young person relax and sleep better.'

They will be so grateful.

Buy a book for a young person

The little things

Whether it is a few bars of chocolate, a magazine, puzzle book or an A4 pad and pens, the packages we send out to young people can be life changing. They may seem small to some, but they mean a lot to young people who need to know there is someone looking out for them.  

Those seemingly little things are hugely important.

three young people sitting cross legged in a row wearing Christmas jumpers smiling

Donate a gift

A big part of our work is about giving young people hope and these gifts show that positive things can happen. That people care is a precious gift itself.

Visit our Give Hope store and donate a gift to give a young person hope this Christmas.