Welcome to CAPE (children of alcoholic parents engagement), a new, national capacity building programme for professionals who work with and support children affected by parental alcohol misuse
CAPE aims to improve the outcomes for children of alcohol misusing parents by increasing professional awareness and understanding; and ensuring better identification and support for those at risk.
What we do

CAPE is a platform of information, best practice tools and an awareness-raising and training curriculum of best practice for practitioners and strategists

Focus on alcohol harm

The programme builds on work already developed as part of the Stars National Initiative, a hub of information, resources and best practice around supporting children and young people affected by parental alcohol and drug misuse. We aim to equip frontline professionals with the tools and skills to provide support to the families they work with

Information for young people

We have some tips and advice if you are a young person currently living with a parent who misuses alcohol

Recommended reading and websites

We host a list of recommended reading and resources to further help inform your understanding and your work with children and young people affected by parental alcohol misuse