22 Jun 2020

The Children’s Society has responded to the new ONS survey on the social impact of coronavirus on young people aged 16-29 between 3 April to 10 May 2020. 

The survey finds that 8 in 10 young people aged 16-29 cannot attend education and that 75% felt their future life plans would be affected. It found almost half felt home education was negatively affecting their well-being and a similar proportion felt they could not study effectively from home. 

Richard Crellin, Policy Manager at The Children’s Society said: “These findings lay bare the devastating impact that being unable to attend school and college is having on young adults. 

This is causing worry for young people not only about their ability to learn now, but also their plans for the future. 

“It is harming their well-being at a time when they are already more likely to be lonely and to report bigger impacts on their mental health than older people. 

“We don’t know how children under 16 are feeling because the Government does not properly measure their well-being as it does for over-16s - but it is clearly a major concern that they are also being hit hard right now and could suffer long-term consequences. 

“That’s why it’s crucial the Government urgently shares its plan to ensure young people can safely return to education as soon as possible. 

“While there will be a focus on catching up on their education, we want to see children’s well-being at the heart of their return to school and college. The government should demonstrate this by beginning comprehensive national measurement of our children’s well-being. 

You can see the full survey here. 

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