6 Apr 2017

The award-winning vlogger and ‘Internet’s Big Sister’ Grace Victory will be joining Alex Chalk, MP for Cheltenham, The Children’s Society and YoungMinds in the forthcoming inquiry into the impact of cyberbullying through social media platforms on children and young people's mental health, which will be held in the Houses of Parliament in late April and early May.Grace, who is an internet sensation with over 23 million views on her YouTube channel will be part of a panel gathering evidence from the inquiry to form recommendations for how social media companies can better protect children and young people online.

Recognised for her international influence on social matters, Grace's honest and forthright approach when it comes to talking about mental health, childhood trauma and eating disorders has won her an army of fans. Grace will offer a wealth of first-hand experience on the impact social media and cyberbullying can have on the mental health and wellbeing of young people.    

A panel of Parliamentarians and other experts will lead the inquiry, which includes an online survey for young people aged between 11 and 25 and three evidence sessions in the Houses of Parliament.

Grace's reaction

Commenting on her role in the inquiry, Grace said, “As someone who has experienced online bullying I know how awful and upsetting it can be.  I feel it is vital that we explore how we can keep young people safe online and ensure that if someone is experiencing online bullying that they know where to turn. I am delighted to play a part in such an important inquiry and I urge any young people reading this to get their voices heard by completing the online survey.”

Alex Chalk, MP for Cheltenham said: "I’m delighted that Grace has agreed to work with me on this critical area. Grace’s experience of vlogging on Youtube has put her on the frontline of social media.  She will bring knowledge and perspective that will be invaluable as we work to get to the heart of the issues.”