How to create a routine

While endless duvet days might seem tempting, having a routine is good for your well-being and can help with low mood. Here is a technique from BEAM therapist Annabel to help you add structure to your day and develop a routine. 

Creating routine

Keeping a routine

How to create a routine

Having a schedule or a routine can help us to organise the day and to feel productive. Setting goals or tasks as part of a routine can also help you learn a new skill, by scheduling time to practice every day.

For any young children, this will help to give them some structure in their day and learning a new skill can help them to feel more independent and confident in their abilities.

Set simple tasks 

Set simple tasks each week that your child can carry out on their own or with supervision, possibly giving them more responsibility as the weeks go by.

Alternatively, give them a few simple tasks to complete throughout the day. They can tick off each task as they complete it. Tasks could include:

  • Making their bed
  • Tidying their bedroom
  • Helping to make lunch, learning to make a sandwich
  • Helping walk the dog or look after any pets
  • Reading a book
  • Watering the garden

An example weekly schedule

Task Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Make the Bed X X X    
Tidy my room   X   X  
Read a book X       X
Feed the dog     X X