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Young people's hopes and happiness are being threatened by abuse, exploitation and neglect. We’re stepping up the fight for hope, at a time when it’s more at risk than ever before. You can help, by offering your words of support.

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Help provide a glimmer of hope for young people facing the toughest challenges. For inspiration, see messages from other supporters below.

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Words of hope

This isn't the final stop of your beautiful journey. Take a deep breath and look for that hope wanting to make everything better. Most of the time, that hope, courage and answer is inside of you wanting to get to the other side even if you feel like it's a dead end, but never stop choosing to look for a new possibility. I have hope and so should u!


Hello you
I dont know who's reading this but I want you too know if you feel strange or werid or you just don't fit in... just know your unique and an beautiful individual theres not a book in how to act in life... just know your normal and someday you will find someone who has all them same feelings as you, stay strong i know you have got this!


It has been a tough year, we have been locked away and some have had to confront their toughest demons. But if I could give you any advice it would be to try self-love. Even in the hardest times, if you allow yourself to reflect, grow and build hopes, dreams and motivations you begin to see things with a wider outlook. Someone is looking over you.


Just around the next hidden corner what may be coming in view, happiness running towards you, living beginning anew, blessings you never expected, wonderful answers to prayers, all sorts of lovely surprises, banishing sorrows and cares.
Doubting? It’s to good to be true! If you BELIEVE it can happen. Reach out to charities who can help you.


Hope. It's easy to say and even easier to lose.
Hope. It's easy to say and even easier to not mean.
Hope. Is a powerful word when used correctly.

I do truly hope this message finds you well. Please stay strong and stay committed to your hope, because if you do, your hope will become a positive reality.

Out of the darkness shone forth will get through this.



You don't know me but I know that there are some days that you're feeling useless or without hope. Remember those hours, days, weeks will pass, remember that you're not alone with your journey. There are so many people that gladly would help you with everyday struggles (because everyone has one at some point). You're not alone

You are not alone. We want you to know there are plenty good people in the world who care about you.

keeping hope alive

fighting for hope

Fighting for hope

We restore, protect and strengthen young people’s hope. Because hope matters, especially for those who have it toughest of all.

We work with young people ;for as long as it takes, providing one-to-one support so that they can make sense of things and recover.

Working closely with the public and partnering with professionals like the police and teachers, together we tackle the impacts of child sexual and criminal exploitation.   

With your help, we can give them the specialist support they need to overcome their trauma and live a life they never thought possible.

All that positivity gets rid of the negativity and you can sort of grow All that positivity gets rid of the negativity and you can sort of grow

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When the hopes of our children are threatened by abuse, exploitation and neglect, your help can give them the specialist support they need.

Your donations will help guide them to a brighter future. They'll realise their dreams, overcome obstacles and grow into the person they want to be.