We can help your students learn how to make informed choices to protect themselves from harm

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Schools play an important role in protecting young people from child sexual exploitation by spotting the first signs. We're here to help you find out what to do if you think that a young person is being exploited or abused.

Our work on child sexual exploitation

We are a national expert on child sexual exploitation (CSE). We support young people in local services around the country when they are at risk and help them to rebuild their lives if they have been victims of CSE or abuse. We also campaign for changes to laws and policies that leave them in danger.

Schools have a unique opportunity to educate students about how to develop healthy relationships. Together we can help them to make informed choices in their lives so they can protect themselves from being exploited.

What you can do

Here we have a range of resources that can be used to help plan sessions focusing on relationships, abuse and how to stay safe.

1. Visit the CSE Police and Prevention website: We partnered with the National Police Chief’s Council and Victim Support to create this new website.

Figures show that one in 20 children and young people have experienced child sexual abuse. Our new online hub provides free information, tools and resources to support all prevention professionals to implement best practice in their area of work to help vulnerable young people.

2. Explore our resource centre : Download research reports, presentations and toolkits on sexual exploitation, abuse and relationships.

Our ground-breaking research investigates how young people are exploited, and what can be done to help stop it. Learn in depth about child sexual exploitation by exploring our resources.

Our interactive tools can help you plan sessions about healthy relationships, with a focus on how children can be sexually exploited. They may also be useful to share with parents.

3. Use young people's stories: Children as young as 10 are targeted for sexual exploitation in every type of community across the country. The video below may help you plan sessions for your class and they could be used in class with secondary school students or in further education.

*Note: These videos could be distressing for some viewers. If you are affected by any of the issues in the video, please seek advice

4. Complete our ‘Seen and Heard’ training: We’ve already trained thousands of healthcare workers through our award-winning e-learning package ‘Seen and Heard’. The training is designed for healthcare workers in all types of roles, however the learning may be applied in educational settings. Watch the video and register for training.

Activity ideas

Why not use our guide to fundraise or raise awareness of our work supporting children who have experienced or are at risk of child sexual exploitation or abuse.

Useful links

Invite one of our volunteer speakers to deliver an engaging assembly about our work.

Seek advice

Are you worried about a child?

If you're concerned about a child's welfare please contact your local council's social care department. 

If a child wants to talk to someone in confidence they can call ChildLine on 0800 1111. 

Do you need to speak to someone?

If you have experienced sexual violence and would like to speak to someone:

  • Women: Contact Rape Crisis on their Freephone helpline - 0808 802 9999
  • Men: Contact the Survivors UK helpline on 0845 122 1201.