For over 40 years, The Children's Society Christingle has been a key part of celebrations within churches and schools.

With your support this year’s Christingle will be bigger and brighter than ever, raising essential funds to support our work with vulnerable children living in poverty in this country.

Find out how to send in money raised during your Christingle.

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Our candelit Christingle services are a firm favourite of supporters of all ages.

We have everything you'll need to organise your own Christingle. 

What is Christingle?

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Since 1968, Christingle has helped millions of children explore the significance of the life and story of Jesus.

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Planning your event

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Whatever your style of worship, find tips on how to plan and publicise your celebration to raise the most funds for vulnerable children.

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Pay in money raised

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After your Christingle is over, here's how to pay in money raised.

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Get your resources

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From service suggestions, to lesson plans and prayer activities, we have a wealth of resources available to support your Christingle event.  

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Help spread the word about your Christingle event.

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How Christingle helps children

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By organising a Christingle, you help the lives of children across the country.

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