About us

The most disadvantaged children rarely suffer on just one front. We work with these children to ensure that they are loved, valued and listened to. With them we fight childhood poverty, harm and neglect.

Our network of programmes includes drop-in services for runaways, children's centres and support for young carers. We support children who are refugees from violence, and we give those in care a voice.

We transform children's lives by pressurising central and local government to protect them, and we challenge attitudes that perpetuate harm and injustice.

In hard times, children are among the hardest hit. We don’t just help them survive - we help them flourish.

The Children's Society - UK kids charity safeguarding children
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With over 75 programmes and children's centres throughout England, we offer care, respite, legal support and mentoring schemes that help turn lives around.
Our beliefs and values
Our Christian values of love, justice and forgiveness underpin the way we work with children and young people.
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When young Sunday school teacher Edward Rudolf found two of his pupils begging for food on the streets, he was moved to act.
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If you're interested in joining a team that takes action, look at our recruitment pages for the latest job opportunities.
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If you have a question about any aspect of our work please get in touch.