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Young people investigate poverty

Children’s perspectives have largely been absent from the poverty debate

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London Marathon

Apply for a guaranteed place in the 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon

14 July 2014
Children lead inquiry in Parliament on child poverty in UK schools

Actor Brian Cox tells our chief exec Matthew Reed why he's supporting The Debt Trap.

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Young people's voices

Across our organisation, young people share stories of helping others, singing about young runaways, and more

11 July 2014
Young people in Birmingham to receive lessons in building mental strength
10 July 2014
Legal aid vote puts vulnerable children at greater risk
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Children's Commission on Poverty

Of children who said their family was ‘not well off at all', more than half (53%) said their home was too cold last winter

Fair and Square

98% of teachers support our campaign call for all children in poverty to receive a free school meal.

Make Runaways Safe

Two-thirds of children who run away are not reported to the police; 3/4 don’t know where to turn or who to trust so they don't seek help

Of children who said their family was ‘not well off at all’, 76% said they often worried about how much money their family has; 53% said their home was too cold last winter; and 26% said their home suffered from damp or mould

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Great news for young carers

A recent government announcement ensures new recognition for young carers

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We've made progress in helping young runaways

But there's still more to be done to help children and young people when they run away