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Ella's story

Ella ran away when she was 13. After just three days on the streets she was approached by a couple who offered her a meal and a place to stay. They even listened to her problems.

The next night, the man wanted Ella to sleep with him. She refused and was beaten.

We helped Ella realise the danger she was putting herself in on the streets, and the choices she had. And, when she decided to report the persistent bullying that had led her to run away, we were there to support her.

Ella is 16 now, and has just started college. It's been 14 months since she last ran away.

Our work



In 2012/13 we spent:

£30.1m (71%) on transforming the lives of children

£6.7m invested to generate future income

£4.7m running our shops

£0.7m other

  • Since 1881 we have helped hundreds of thousands of children from all backgrounds flourish
  • As well as directly helping children, we campaign for change to prevent future neglect and poverty
  • Last year, we reached nearly 1,000 children facing danger alone on the streets
  • We work with over 800 disabled children a year to build an active future
  • We help nearly 1,800 children every year in the care system, supporting them to have happy childhoods