We’re calling on the Government to introduce a breathing space for families in debt

the houses of parliament with words related to debt, like 'mortgage', 'credit' and 'worried', floating above it

The Government is now exploring proposals for a breathing space scheme for families in debt. They committed to report back last autumn, but no firm action has been taken. We think the Government needs reminding. We're asking MPs to put pressure on the Government by publicly supporting our plans.

What has your MP done?

Below you will find the growing list of MPs who have publicly expressed support for a breathing space scheme.

If your MP isn't yet on the list, please ask them to publicly support our plans to give families in debt a breathing space. Your MP may have supported breathing space in other ways, for example by writing to the Minister responsible, but this will not be captured below.

If your MP is on the list, you can send them a thank you message instead.

MP name Constituency Endorsement Please thank your MP

Is your MP not on the list?

Please ask your MP to publicly back our plans to give families in debt a breathing space.

The more MPs we get publicly backing the campaign, the more pressure we'll put on the Government. As their constituent, your voice could make all the difference.

Ask your MP to support families