We support young people with a learning disability at risk of sexual exploitation

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Young people with a learning disability can be more vulnerable to experiencing sexual exploitation.

Our US (Understanding Sexual Exploitation) service provides support for young people aged 11 to 25 who have a learning disability, and are at risk of experiencing or have already experienced, sexual exploitation. 

Through this service we build a therapeutic relationship with the young person to provide a safe space, to explore issues relating to their experiences. Through one-to-one sessions and group workshops we aim to improve safety, understanding and emotional wellbeing. 

Issues explored may include understanding of emotions, relationships, self-esteem and identity, personal safety, consent, grooming and exploitation. 

Who is this service available to?

This service is aimed at young people with learning disabilities. It is available to young people who do not have a formal learning disability diagnosis, but where professionals have observed significant additional learning needs that may prevent the young person from accessing mainstream services.

How to access this service

Please contact us to obtain a referral form – or if a discussion about a possible referral you are thinking of making would be helpful.

Contact details 

Tel: 0208 221 8200 or Laurelle Brown on 07876 555 604.

Email Laurelle Brown 


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