Programme manager: Ben Dickenson

SCARPA provides targeted youth support to young people who go missing or are at risk of sexual exploitation. The service is delivered from a base in Newcastle city centre.

SCARPA aims to help young people:

  • be 'safe from harm'
  • stop going missing
  • reduce risky behaviour
  • exit situations of exploitation.

SCARPA supports young people by providing:

  • help with any immediate needs that young people have
  • a safe place in the city centre
  • ongoing support – we aim to be in contact with young people at least twice a week or  more if needed 
  • support in accessing, negotiating and maintaining relationships with other service providers.

SCARPA monitors young people who have been reported missing to the police and we also receive referrals from other agencies. Meetings involving SCARPA, the police and social care will prioritise the most at risk young people so we know who to offer a service to.

Establishing SCARPA as a project and building relationships with young people involved in going missing and exploitation. The young people that SCARPA is working with experience very difficult circumstances and being able to offer them independent and intensive support has been really rewarding.

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c/o Brunswick Methodist Church
Brunswick Place
NE1 7BJ Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom
Phone: 0191 221 0836/0808 178 9185
54° 58' 28.4268" N, 1° 36' 49.2876" W