Donate your unwanted foreign coins and currency with Coinstar and Travelex, or visit your local Children's Society shop.

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Through Coinstar's Coins That Count programme, you can turn your loose change and coin collections into donations by using a Coinstar machine in your local supermarket.

How you can donate through Coinstar

It’s quick and easy to donate through Coinstar's Coins That Count programme. On any of their donation machines, just follow the on-screen instructions, pour in your coins and receive a donation confirmation receipt.

To find your nearest Coinstar machine, visit the Coinstar website and use their machine location tool or call their free phone customer care line, 0800 328 2274.

Coinstar will help you find the machine that is closest to you, most likely in a Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda or Morrisons.

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Donating your spare foreign currency couldn’t be easier when using Travelex.

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How to donate through Travelex

Call us to order your free collections pouches from our warehouse and we'll post them to your door. When your bag is full, call Travelex (their number is on the pouch) who will pick it up free of charge (must be a work address).

Alternatively you can drop your currency off in our retail outlets located throughout the country.

To order your pouches call us on 0300 303 0555.

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