Supporting young refugees, asylum seekers and those who are young carers

Young refugee with project worker

Our good practice resource will enable all agencies to stay informed about the needs, rights and entitlements of young refugees and asylum seekers - including those who take on inappropriate caring roles for another person and could be a young carer. This tool will enable you to ‘think family’ and carry out effective and appropriate signposting and joint working.

By using this resource you will help to ensure that those who are refugees or seeking asylum have better access to health services and support appropriate for their needs. Together we can reduce the negative and inappropriate impacts upon the health and well-being of refugee children and young people. 

*NOTE: This tool should not be used as legal advice and is for information and guidance only. Legal advice on any individual asylum cases and assistance should be sought from a regulated legal advisor.

Who is this tool for?

Funded by NHS England, our toolkit is for all health services and social care agencies, including adult and children’s service practitioners, educational professionals, and all other agencies in contact with refugee and asylum seeking individuals and families - particularly those affected by ill-health and disability.

This resource is not designed as a book to be read from cover to cover. It is an electronic tool for ALL practitioners to access the information that is most useful to them in their role. 

More detailed support

Our refugee toolkit features information about:

The Care Act 2014 and Children and Families Act 2014 outline the need to implement a whole family approach through joint working across services. Use our Whole Family Pathway resource in conjunction with this refugee toolkit to connect with other services or refer it to colleagues and other teams so they can access good practice for responding to the needs of refugee and asylum seeking families.

We also have a series of definitions of particular terms that you may come across in The Refugee Toolkit.

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More information about our work

You can find all of our services supporting young refugees and asylum seekers, along with our work with young carers on our website.