We have been working with and for young carers helping them to create tools, share learning and help improve theirs and their families lives across England for over 20 years

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Below is some of our previous pieces of work.

Young Carers Festival – 1999 to present day

Every year, in partnership with YMCA Fairthorne Manor we hold a festival as part of the process of recognising, informing and consulting with young carers in order to better meet the needs of them and their families.

To find out more and see the previous festival video, please visit our festival page and for previous videos, visit YouTube and search for Young Carers Festivals.

CFD: Train the Trainer – 2016-2017

This peer led ‘Train the trainer’ project was piloted to work with an active core group of young carers engaged with our Young Carers in Focus programme.  This pilot showed the increased skills and knowledge gained by young carers engaging in a ‘train the trainer’ programme, and allowed us to gain learning to incorporate this element into our wider work.  Read the full report for more information.

Young Carers in Focus Programme - 2012-2016

Our Young Carers in Focus Programme (YCiF) was funded by the Big Lottery Fund in conjunction with Digital Me, Rethink Mental illness, YMCA Fairthorne Manor and The Fatherhood Institute to create a national network led by 186 young carer ‘champions’ aged 10-25.

This partnership programme gave young carers a chance to communicate, share their stories and advocate for the things that matter most to them. Young people taking part received training and skills that improved their resilience, confidence, skills and knowledge. In addition, these young carers were actively engaged in awareness raising, creating system change and advocating for positive change at a local and national level.

  • Young Carers in Focus: The Evaluation
  • Young Carers in Focus: Highlights The information on this website will remain available as a hub of resources.
  • To see more of the Young Carer in Focus videos please visit our YouTube channel.


Making a Step Change for young carers and their families – 2015-2016

We worked in partnership with Carers Trust  to deliver a one-year Department for Education funded project to support the effective implementation of the duties required under the Care Act 2014 and the Children and Families Act 2014 with regard to young carers and their families. Read the full and final report for further information.

The information on this website will remain available as a hub of resources.

The Children’s Society Hampshire Young Carers Initiative – 1995-2014

Within Hampshire we undertook a range of development work to support young carers and their families including direct support, awareness raising with professionals and strategy development.  You can also view a full timeline of our work.

Prevention through Partnership – 2011-2013

Prevention through Partnership (PtP) was an ambitious national programme funded by the Department of Education to underpin whole family working with young carers and their families facing acute and complex needs – as a result of parental substance misuse, mental health difficulties and dual diagnosis.

This included a range of successful multi-agency seminars to promote a ‘no wrong door’ whole family approach.  Read our final report for further information.