Improving health outcomes for young carers through sport and physical activity

Active connections 

We have been funded by BUPA for 15 months to provide up to 100 young carers in Hampshire with healthier futures by linking them into local sporting clubs and giving them 1:1 sessions with volunteer personal trainers.

We have heard directly from young carers that they struggle to attend sporting clubs and group activities because of their increased responsibilities at home. 

What does the Active Connections project involve?

We will be engaging with young carers’ services, sports clubs, community centres and groups to try and engage young carers in local sporting and physical activities. We will look to engage with community groups making them more young carer friendly and aware of some of the issues and barriers they may face in accessing their facilities.

They will be offered a range of activities from swimming and football to ‘street sports’ like BMX-biking and skateboarding and provide transport and logistical support as we know this is often the biggest obstacle for many young carers.

The physical and mental health and the quality of their family and peer relationships will be monitored.

What will happen next?

At the end of the 15 months we will develop a practical Guide and Toolkit to outline the blueprint of the programme and share our insights more broadly amongst peer organisations. This demonstration project will generate evidence and learning which will be used to inform wider public policy and social programmes aimed at improving health outcomes for young carers.

How can I find out more?

If you live in Hampshire and would like to find out more or how you can be involved please contact: