Find upcoming events for young carers

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Any events or activities appropriate for young carers can be found below and will be updated throughout the year.

Young Carers Festival

Every year ourselves, in partnership with YMCA Fairthorne Manor, hold the Young Carers Festival as part of the process of recognising, informing and consulting with young carers in order to better meet the needs of them and their families.

The festivals provide young people with the opportunity to have fun, relax, socialise and have their voices heard about issues that affect them. Over the years we have consulted with young people on a range of issues including education, health, social care and whole family support.


If you would like to attend the festival, you must come as part of a young carers project or school group. If you attend any of these groups, let them know about this amazing festival and refer them to our professionals events page about applying to attend.

Young carers awareness day - January 2018

This is not an event to attend but simply an awareness day for young carers, young carer projects and schools to get involved in. You can raise more awareness, fundraise or organise events in your area for young carers. The day is promoted by the Carers Trust.

Find out more about Young carers awareness day