There are plenty of organisations and support available to support young people and their families

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Our young carers services map can help young people and their families to find organisations and support in their area. Our young people’s advice pages also provide information about online safety, positive mental health and support in education. 

Useful organisations supporting young people

NHS BME Network an independent Network open to all Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) people. The Network provides BME people with:

  • An opportunity to bring about change in the NHS
  • An opportunity for BME people to be heard
  • Access to better and more appropriate healthcare
  • Information and Interpretation of NHS Policy
  • Access to a network of people of shared vision.

MECOPP Carers Centre, Supporting Ethnic Carers (Scotland) work specifically to:

  • Support Minority Ethnic carers to access supports and services that suit their caring situation.
  • Develop opportunities for the active involvement of Minority Ethnic carers in consultation planning and participate in the decision-making processes which affect their lives.
  • Raise the profile of Minority Ethnic carers and their needs at a national level.
  • Support carers in the Gypsy/Traveller community in rural and urban areas of Scotland.
  • Create opportunities for Minority Ethnic carers to share their views and experiences.
  • Respond to gaps in services.
  • Assist service providers, both statutory and voluntary, in the development of culturally competent services.

Carers Trust manage 95 Network Partners offering services for adult and young carers across the UK.

Healthtalkonline and Youthhealthtalk are resources of stories from more than 2000 people addressing more than 60 health-related conditions and illnesses. On the sites, you can watch videos or listen to audio interviews. You can also read about people's experiences and find reliable information about specific conditions, treatment choices and support.

A well established social enterprise, Able Radio provides all disabled people in the UK a voice. Content broadcast from the radio station is by disabled presenters and those living with limiting medical conditions. They are looking to extend their reach as well as provide free information and access to services. They are keen to develop partnerships to break down the barriers and to sign post and promote individual charities and groups.

Carers World Radio was born to meet a need - to bridge the gap between the wealth of public information and those who needed it most but could not reach it - carers and the people they care for. That need to reach information is greater than ever, Carers World Radio+ bring carers stories and issues straight to the decision-makers.

More information

Visit our pages for young people, which host a range of support and resources for young carers and their families or search your local community and voluntary action websites for more information.