Faith and religion plays a central role in many communities in the UK and can foster strength and resilience in the lives of people living with HIV 

four teenagers sitting in a church

Vital role of faith leaders and faith-based organisations

Faith plays a particularly large role in the lives of many UK African communities who are disproportionately affected by HIV.

As stigma and discrimination around HIV is reported to be particularly strong in these communities, faith leaders and faith-based organisations have a vital role to play in reducing this, given their influence within society. They can help to strengthen HIV initiatives and promote prevention, testing and treatment to better inform the local community about issues related to HIV.

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Faith leaders and faith-based organisations are also in a position to identify young carers within their communities and are able to build close relationships with families.

Training and guidance in HIV awareness and young carer issues should be implemented at all levels.

Further resources 

There are a range of resources available to support faith leaders and faith-based organisations to challenge stigma and respond to HIV and AIDS within communities.