Awareness raising should be undertaken by all services involved with families affected by HIV

Young female and male carer studying

'Raise awareness of young carers affected by HIV all the time not just on World Aids day' - young carer affected by HIV

What training is needed?

Awareness raising training should include:

  • How to identify young carers
  • how to maintain up-to-date and relevant information about HIV
  • signposting to service provision

Specific routine and introductory training regarding living with HIV and young carers issues, should be provided to universal services. These services should include:

  • Healthcare services
  • education services
  • adult's services
  • children's services
  • voluntary sector
  • youth services
  • youth justice teams
  • carer's services 
  • Any other services that are in contact with families.

Multi-media and the internet should also be utilised - i.e. creating links from your website to other organisations that offer information about HIV and caring. 

Confidentiality is often a large barrier to families accessing and maintaining contact with services. This is compounded when families are affected by stigmatised illnesses such as HIV. It is important to include information sharing guidance and address confidentiality issues in training undertaken with professionals. The Department for Education has produced clear practical guidance for information sharing drawn from experience and consultation.

Our Include programme offers a range of training around supporting young carers including those affected by HIV. For more details visit our training and consultancy pages.

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