The internet is a great way to connect with your friends and learn new things - but it's also important to stay safe

Teenage girl against white wall looking away from camera

There are a few ways you can help make sure you're not in danger when you use the internet. 

Tips for you when using the internet

  • NEVER give out personal information (your address, phone number etc.)
  • Check with a parent/carer before giving out photos, bank details etc.
  • NEVER arrange to meet with someone you've spoken to over email/the web without your parent/carer, and stay in a public place
  • Don't open attachments to emails if you are not sure who they are from - they could contain viruses!
  • Always check that your parent/carer is happy for you to enter a chat room
  • Keep any passwords you are given safe and secret
  • Leave a chat room the moment anything worries you, and let your parent/carer know.

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