four young people sitting in a field

Throughout 2017 we worked with young people in Willenhall to shape a campaign that could help tackle some of the challenges they face growing up there.

Of course, there are lots of positives to living in Willenhall. But we also know from our research that young people often feel unsafe when out and about, and the behaviour of some local adults can leave them feeling threatened and anxious.


In 2015/16 we agreed with Coventry City Council to carry out a well-being assessment of children and young people in the south east area of Coventry. This involved an online survey carried out in local schools, followed by face-to-face consultations. In total, 737 children and young people aged 8-18 participated.

Our research found that the proportion of young people with low wellbeing was greater than the national average, and that this seemed to worsen as they got older, particularly for teenage girls. Our findings, including a summary of the young peoples’ responses, can be viewed in the full report.

Sign the Pledge

We ran a series of after school sessions with children at Willenhall Primary School to help develop their knowledge of community campaigning, and talk about ways to create a change in their area.

The children, aged 9-11, worked together to come up with a pledge that they want residents of Willenhall to sign up to. You may have already been asked to make the pledge – if not, you can sign up to it online. 


Watch the film 

We worked with young people at the local youth club to create a film about their experiences growing up in Willenhall, and drawing more broadly on the findings of our research.