Girl walkingUse our free Bible studies and worship materials to explore the impact of problem debt on families.

Our research shows that when debt gets out of control it can damage children’s well-being, through the undermining of human relationships.

Children face the emotional, physical, educational and social consequences of the debt that traps their families. At its most pernicious, debt can result in parents having to cut down on essential goods they need for their family, breaking the relationship of trust between parents and children.

It is when debt escalates to the point that it undermines, rather than reinforces, mutual human flourishing, that we know that money has exceeded the theological role it is supposed to fulfil.

Our worship resources

These resources, written by Angus Ritchie of the Contextual Theology Centre, offer you a way into conversation about these issues within your church community.

The Bible studies might be used in a special Bible study group, in house groups, youth or other meetings in your church. 

The accompanying worship resources are based on the readings selected in the Common Worship and Revised Common Lectionaries for 14 September but can be used at any time to suit your congregation and worship plan.

Download our Bible studies and worship materials.


  • Worship resources for Sunday 14 September

Angus Ritchie is Director of the Contextual Theology Centre. He has ministered in churches in east London for 16 years, and is currently assistant priest at St Peter’s Church in Bethnal Green. He is also an Honorary Canon of Worcester Cathedral.

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