Even the smallest act can make a difference

two met at one of our charity shops

We think that volunteering can take many forms. In addition to our longer-term volunteering roles, we have opportunitues to help support our work in a quick and convenient way, suitable for busy schedules and beyond the traditional definition of volunteering.

Even the smallest action can make a difference toward helping the children we support and advocate on behalf of. Taking a few moments to tweet about a campaign or answer a polling question helps our larger goals of spreading the word about our services and campaigns and in turn, affects the lives of children throughout the country.

The wonderful thing about this type of volunteering is that it is quick to complete, there is no waiting, and you can choose activities based on your schedule, interests, and skill set. And if you have a little more time, we also have suggestions for what you can do in a single day. 

Volunteer for a day, or a few minutes or seconds

In a day

There are tons of one off volunteering event opportunities we offer. Help support an event like the London Marathon, or organise your own with friends. Many take place over a day or weekend.  

In a few hours

In need of a clear out? Donate to one of our country-wide charity shops

In a few minutes

Get involved in our Seriously Awkward campaign and watch our video on why 16 and 17 year olds need more support.

Stay connected via Facebook or Twitter

Thank you!

Your acts help us to support children and young people throughout the country.