Thanks to volunteers like you, we are able to achieve big things

Three teenagers and project worker laughing

We could not help young people without the support and loyalty of our volunteers. Our work recent developments continue to turn the lives around of vulnerable young people across the country.

2017 National Volunteering Awards

This autumn we recognised some of our outstanding volunteers through our annual National Volunteering Awards. Nominations came from all over the country - from our Retail Managers, Children and Young People’s Service Managers and our Relationship Managers working with speakers, campaigners and committees. A full cross section of our volunteers were represented.

The winners were selected by an Advisory Panel, made up of selected Directors and Trustees from across the organisation, who considered how the nominations demonstrated our core values of 'brave', 'ambitious', 'trusted' and 'supportive'.

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Christingle is 50 this year!

Although fast approaching our 50th year of celebrating Christingle in England, the service actually began in Marienborn, Germany in 1747. At a children’s service, Bishop Johannes de Watteville looked for a simple way to explain the happiness that had come to people through Jesus. He decided to give the children a symbol to do this. 


County lines

We’re working to tackle the exploitation of children by gangs.

County lines - or ‘going country’ - is when gangs exploit children, some as young as 12, across county boundaries using dedicated mobile phone lines or ‘deal lines’ to supply drugs.

Gangs deliberately target vulnerable children, such as those in care or living in poverty. Most are boys, but some are girls.

Gangs groom, deceive or threaten these children and young people into carrying and selling drugs for them.

Fuel Poverty – to eat or to heat

Energy use around the home is an essential part of family life. Keeping the heating on, the hot water running and the food cooking often accounts for a big part of the family budget. The most recent figures show that in order to run a home and keep it warm, couples with dependent children who are living in fuel poverty need an extra £412 per year.

Seriously Awkward launch

We're currently planning an event to launch the next phase of our Seriously Awkward campaign.

We want to ensure that as many volunteers like you can come to find out more about the campaign, and meet other volunteers and staff from our organisation. If interested, you can get involved by completing our poll.

And finally...thank you!

Thank you for everything you do to support our work. We could not help young people to turn their lives around without your tireless support and loyalty and we really appreciate it.