Here's what our volunteers told us

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Every two years we carry out a survey and ask our volunteers to tell us about who they are and their motivations, ideas and experiences of working with us.

648 volunteers responded to the 2016 survey:

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Our volunteers

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Our 2016 survey showed a 5% increase in the percentage of male volunteers and a 3% increase in the diversity of respondents. Our average volunteer age is 56, which is similar to other charities. 

How you got involved

Compared to the previous survey, on average you've volunteered for two hours more each week.

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The top three reasons you got involved:

  1. To help improve the lives of children and young people (60%)

  2. To gain new skills, knowledge and experience (49%)

  3. To meet new people (45%)

Like last year, your number one motivation is to change the lives of children.

Our communication with you

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We recognise this is an area we can still improve on and will be looking at ways to better communicate with you over the next year. 


Your experience

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Volunteer satisfaction and pride remains as high as the previous year, with 4% more of you saying the experience has exceeded your expectations. 

How you feel about volunteering

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Across the board there are higher levels of well-being as a result of volunteering compared to the previous year. 

What our volunteers have said

'It was very satisfying to see how much money we raised in such a short space of time. I was even able to better understand at a volunteer thank you event where our money had gone and just how many people were benefitting'  - Volunteer helping raise funds and awareness

The team in our shop are more like a family, it’s a pleasure to volunteer there. I am lucky enough to do work I enjoy and it helps others.’ – Retail volunteer

‘The most rewarding part is gaining a professional friendship with my young person, and knowing that she looks forward to our meetings. Also, hearing she is doing better in school is so rewarding' – Volunteer supporting children and young people


We ask, we listen and we act

Following your feedback this year we will:

  • Increase opportunities for our volunteers to connect, share and learn at events and online

  • Continue promoting our volunteering roles far and wide

  • Continue to develop our youth volunteering offer

  • Improve our communications about the difference we are making for young people and ways of getting involved

Without incredible volunteers like you, we simply can’t do what we do.

Thank you to each one of you who give your time, energy and skills to play your part in working towards a country where children are free from disadvantage.

Together we change children’s lives for the better.  

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