One in 20 children in England has been sexually abused. That’s at least one in every classroom up and down the country.

Health professionals should be able to step in when they see abuse

Research shows that most children who have been sexually exploited wanted to tell an adult about their abuse but didn’t feel they could.

As health professionals frequently come into contact with children, we identified a need for training to enable them to spot the signs of exploitation and have the confidence to step in to report the abuse.

We made a training package with the Department of Health called Seen and Heard, which teaches health professionals to spot the signs of child sexual exploitation and how to report the abuse.

Tyler is one of the thousands of children who have experienced sexual abuse in this country. Watch Tyler’s story to see how exploitation often goes unrecognised and the distressing consequences. 

You can find out more about how to spot the signs of sexual exploitation and how you can help by reading more on our CSE web pages or by becoming a Seen and Heard champion