During 2015/16, almost 4,500 children in Wales went missing from home or care

Three young people laughing and walking down street

Some of these children will have gone missing only once, while others will have experienced multiple missing episodes. There is much still to be done to protect and safeguard these vulnerable young people.

The Knowledge Gap - God's concern for young runaways

This resource explores why, as Christians, we might be concerned about young people who are at risk of going missing.

The biblical stories of two young teenagers, Mary and Hagar, provide an opportunity to reflect upon the importance of early intervention. Looking to these examples, and understanding how these stories might be relevant today, highlights that vulnerable young people require support and safeguarding in order that they might flourish.

This material may be used as the basis for a sermon, or as a reflection for small groups. The discussion questions on page 15 of the resource will help guide your conversations around the topic of missing children.

Download the resource

You can download The Knowledge Gap in both English and Welsh below: