We’ve penned a selection of long and short Mother's Day poems, perfect for using in your hand-crafted Mothering Sunday cards.

Mothers day poems being written by hand

There are also poems for Mothering Sunday services as well as some helpful suggestions if you want some initial inspiration to create your own composition.

We also offer free Mothering Sunday resources which include all age service ideas, crafts, hymn and song suggestions, sermons and prayers for churches and schools.

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For your Mother’s Day card:

Right from the beginning you championed me

in everything I did.

Thank you for believing in me

every single time.

There are no words, no sentiment

I could write in one card

that might adequately express how

grateful I am for you, Mum.

I hope you know how loved you are

And how much I appreciate

every selfless gesture.


Thank you, Mum, for being there,

for showing me you really care.

And so now, thank you, Mum,

on this special day

it’s the perfect chance to say,

Thank you for all you do

I’m really grateful just for you.


Mum, if I could grow up to be

half as kind as you, or half as caring,

I know I’d make a difference in the world.

You’ve always had the time for me,

no matter what. I hope you know that

you’ve made a world of difference.


For your Mothering Sunday service:


I hand you daffodils,

a small gesture to mark the many sacrifices you make for us.

Other children smile because carers, dads,

grandparents and teachers

are also handed brilliant blooms.

The church is packed as we remember

your patience and theirs;

we celebrate those times brokenness

is overcome and kindness spread where it is craved.

We look together to the one who gave us carers,

and we are thankful. 


The Church rush in through the wooden doors

one by one, with dripping rain coats and eyes to ground,

relieved to escape gale force winds. Families flurry in,

grumbling about sleepless nights; worrying about children

who’ve put their Velcro shoes on the wrong feet (again).

Some rack their brains to remember whether

they’re on the crèche rota that day, whilst the

attention of others is consumed by recipes for the Sunday roast.

They bring in the joys and the struggles of the weeks they have had

you can see pain and triumph in their faces.

And they meet, and sing and pray. They are reminded of

the one who made the world, a loving Father who

knows them all by name and calls each of them family.

The elderly greet the young, shake hands and smile;

friends catch up over cups of steaming coffee.

Mums, dads, grandparents, children and individuals

encourage, grin, affirm, ask questions – a difference pace of life.

They leave the church in groups, looking out for those alone:

the hopeful and the hopeless stand side by side. The rain

has stopped and they walk a little slower than they did before.

Or conclude these phrases to help you write your own personalised message 

Mum, I love that you are always…

I really love it when we…

I remember that time when…

Thank you for…

I hope you…

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