Refugee theology resources: supporting young refugees and asylum seekers

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Our new refugee theology resource is designed to enable churches and church groups to think more deeply about the work of God in relation to refugees, asylum seekers and displaced people. It includes stories of young refugees and migrants, and include suggestions for discussion, reflection, prayer and sermons.

It has been written by Dr Anne Richards of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland’s Mission Theological Advisory Group, with input from the Revd Juliet Kilpin.


To request a speaker to come and talk about the work of The Children's Society and its role in supporting refugees, please complete this online form.

Theological essays: From fear to safety

Our collection of theological essays, From fear to safety: An exploration of the theological imperative to offer welcome to the stranger, published in 2016, brought together Bishop Trevor Willmott, Anne Richards and Mo Baldwin to wrestle with the tension between the theological imperative to offer welcome to the stranger and living in a nation facing austerity.

The essays explore the idea of being communities of hat·tê·ḇāh. The Hebrew phrase hat·tê·ḇāh is used twice in the Old Testament, once to describe Noah’s ark, and once for the basket used by Miriam to keep Moses safe in the River Nile. Our vision is for our communities to be places of safety, places of hat·tê·ḇāh, for refugee children and young people.