We have plenty of creative Mothering Sunday service ideas for children and your whole congregation, as well as sermon notes and suggestions to inspire you.

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To accompany each sermon for Mothering Sunday there is a beautiful PowerPoint as well as Background to the Scripture reading and creative ways to retell the story around Moses’ birth. This year, the sermon notes have been written by Rev Phil Greig combining his experience of being a vicar with being a former Diocesan Youth Adviser and youth worker, to make them perfect for children and adults alike.

We’ve put together a top 10 of our suggested hymns and songs to sing on Mothering Sunday that tie into the day’s themes of thankfulness and care whether to God, and or those around us.

On our resources page you will also find a range of different Prayers and intercessions around Mothering Sunday to suit different service styles and points in the service.

There are some freshly penned Mother’s Day poems in case you are looking for something that would made a great addition to any Mother’s Day card.

Our Mothering Sunday service ideas were hugely popular last year and collectively received 13,000 downloads. Once again, this year we include engaging ideas for kids and activities for children. You won’t be short of all age service ideas when it comes to the fourth Sunday of Lent.

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This Lent, we’re asking every church across England to work together by prayinggiving and acting so we can reach an extra 1,000 children who are at risk of sexual exploitation. We have a number of resources for you and your church to help change young lives during Lent.

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