Find the inspiration you need for your service with these Mothering Sunday prayers to complement your sermon and readings.

 A teenage boy says his mothering sunday prayers

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We have a range of prayers for Mothering Sunday available as part of our suite of resources for Mothering Sunday services. We have included three of them here but you can find more of them, a range of sermon ideas and lots more on our main Mothering Sunday service page.

The Collect (taken from Common Worship)

God of love,

passionate and strong,

tender and careful:

watch over us

and hold us all the days of our life;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Love, Joy, Peace

Love: invite everyone to cross their arms across their chest in an ‘X’ position throughout the prayer (this is sign language for love based on British Sign Language (BSL)).

Pray: Loving God, we thank you for your love, and that it is reflected in those who care for us, in our mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, teachers, leaders and friends.

Joy: invite everyone to brush their right palm over their left palm twice. Then repeat this action throughout the prayer (this is sign language for joy based on BSL).

Pray: Joyful Father, it’s wonderful to celebrate all those who care for us and those who have cared for us in the past. Help us to remember those joyful times where laughter and happiness has seen us through the more difficult times.

Peace: invite everyone to bring their index fingers and thumbs together and then draw their hands apart throughout the prayer (this is sign language for peace based on BSL).

Pray: Peaceful Spirit, we pray for those who do not know your peace or the peace that comes with friendship, love and support. Help us to use our gifts of love, joy and peace to support those who need it this day. Amen.

A prayer of thanks

Thank you, Lord, for all who care

Bless them with your love.

Thanks for mothers everywhere

Bless them with your love.

For those who brighten up our day

Bless them with your love.

Who always have the right words to say

Bless them with your love.

Thanks for hugs, and love and smiles

Bless them with your love.

Thanks for all those extra miles

Bless them with your love.

And when they feel they’re not enough

Bless them with your love.

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Hymns and poems

We have collated a list of suggested hymns and songs for your service.

We also have some freshly penned Mother’s Day poems in case you are looking for something that would made a great addition to any Mother’s Day card.